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Grellls Story

The Grelll is a garden cultivator that is simple and easy to use. Breaks through hardpan and loosens densely packed soil. Improves aeration and drainage, preserves the topsoil structure. The broadfork is a European design that has been used for centuries, but has not been well known by the American public, until now.  Our cultivator can achieve a 10-12 inch depth allowing fertilizer, water, and nutrients to get down to plant roots through the cracked soil. Grelll is a no mess, no hassle, no noise, no pollution solution to an average garden tiller. Grellls are available in three, four, five, and six tine models, with high quality welded steel construction and lacquered ash handles for a life time of use. Sizes range from 12in wide to 32in wide, approximate weight 9 to 16 pounds.

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